• Pre-Planning and Work Schedule Development.
  • Site Selection and Management.
  • Hotel Negotiation and Renegotiation.
  • Program Design and Theme Development.
  • Create communication and conference materials.
  • Kit Bags, Press kits, program, brochures, slide show, displays, literature packets
    Collaborating with all suppliers (E.g. Audio Visual Equipment)Correspondence with Foreign Delegates.
  • Travel related assistance for the Foreign Delegates.
  • Working with deadlines for every activity.


  • Registration and Payment Processing.
  • On-site Staffing and Conference Management.
  • Carrying out all Social Functions.
  • Holding responsibility of all logistics from conference hall arrangements to exhibition booths.
  • All transportation arrangements from and to the location.


  • Assistance in preparation of Profit and Loss statement.
  • Post-event press activities.
  • Send releases.
  • Letters to editor thanking sponsors.
  • Mentions in newsletters (w/photos).
  • Flyers in organization boxes.
  • Notes of appreciation to all participants, sponsors, media, etc…
  • Taking the responsibility of departures and tours of the foreign delegates even after the